Doing School Different Instead of Better

Click here for a short video by educational thinker Will Richardson. (Follow Will on Twitter @willrich45).  This is part of a longer Ted Talks presentation he gave (click here for full presentation) talking about the need to do schools differently and not just better. While coming from a US perspective, his thoughts about how information transfer is no longer the primary function of schools has global implications. In fact in his book Why Schools? he questions what role schools will have during a time when information and knowledge is in abundance and at the tip of our fingers.

At West Langley, we are asking ourselves the same question. If students can get information quickly through Google and other sources, how do we then teach them to learn, unlearn and relearn so they can adapt to this changing world. It would be great to get a parent perspective on this important idea.

After you watch the video, we would love for you to post your reactions/feedback/questions below. Simply click on the “leave a comment” box above. You only need an email to reply and all comments are approved by Mr. Davids. We are looking forward to having everyone as part of the conversation.


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