New ERASE Bullying Initiative

Back in June, the BC Ministry of Education announced its new ERASE (Expect Respect and a Safe Education) initiative to fight against bullying in schools. There is a tremendous amount of information at their website, for students, parents and educators.  As many of us know, bullying has been an issue in schools for many years and certainly has been in the public eye/media for the past couple months. And while most would admit that issues of bullying are certainly not isolated to the school grounds, it is certainly the place where we work hard to deal with the problems that arise. We have made many strides in working with students and parents at West Langley on how to deal with and prevent issues of bullying and will continue to education students on how to interact with each other is a respectful and caring way.

As part of the ERASE initiative, the government has set up a website that allows students to go online and anonymously report instances where they feel they have been bullied. Students are able to go to a website (click here to check it out)  and report incidents where they themselves have been bullied or have witnessed bullying. That information is sent to the School District office who in turn, talk to the school about the issue. And while there can certainly be issues with this form of reporting, it is the hope of the ERASE initiative that any unreported issues of bullying are brought to the attention of those who may be able to help.

As you may expect, we are very interested in how this new initiative will play out. We are also very interested in feedback from our school community on the issue of bullying at West Langley as well as your thoughts on the new Ministry website. Please consider the following questions and share your feedback by adding a comment:

1. What is your general sense about the issue of “bullying” at West Langley?

2. How do you feel the school could work to better reduce issues of bullying at West Langley?

3. Do you feel the new ERASE bullying initiative and reporting website are a good idea? Please explain why.


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