Navigating The World Of Technology With Our Youth

Last night we had a great turn-out for our PAC meeting where Mr. Davids discussed how to navigate the world of technology with our youth. With many students and parents getting new devices at home, this interactive presentation was an opportunity to share not only the ins and outs of Apple devices, but also to talk about how to keep children safe while they are online and what learning opportunities are available with Apple products. Parents were able to use an iPad (either from home or the school) to learn how to be efficient with the device while learning to set different the different settings and restrictions available. There was a lot of interest in the “find my iPad” feature of the device as well as some security options.

The last half of the presentation included an opportunity to explore some of the apps that are being used at West Langley with the students. As was mentioned yesterday, it is vital that there is a connection between home and school in all aspects of a child’s learning. When it comes to technology, there is no exception. Student being able to use the same kinds of apps we are using at West Langley once they leave the school, allows learning to continue beyond 2:30. Some of the apps discussed were Edmodo, Book Creator, iWrite Words, Bridge Basher and iMovie. A more complete list of apps can be found by clicking here.

Based on the interest shown last night, we are planning on having a dialogue based on technology and education as a part of each PAC meeting for the rest of this year. As we continue to work towards engaging students through inquiry-based learning empowered by technology and move West Langley towards being a 1:1 school, it will be important that parents understand how the devices can be an integral part of student learning and what their role can be. So in preparation for our meeting next month, we are looking for some feedback from you. Please give some thought to the following questions and offer some feedback by leaving a comment:

1. What other types of things would you like to know about using Apple devices?

2. Are there any particular apps you are most interested in knowing more about?

3. What concerns do you have about using devices in schools?


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