Inquiry Fair A Huge Success

DSC_0521Last week West Langley had its first ever Inquiry Fair Open House. As an entire school, we delved into the concept of inquiry-based learning as a way to construct information and knowledge for kids. As a staff, we agreed that we were all at different places when it comes to understanding how to use inquiry in the classroom but we also agreed that it was not okay to stay where we were. The world is changing and the role of schools needs to change with it. And a huge credit to our staff for their willingness to model professional risk-taking. For the past few weeks, every class worked through the inquiry process and all that hard work culminated in our Inquiry Fair Open House.

The energy on that day was truly palpable! Students were so proud to be sharing with other students, staff and DSC_0493parents what they had learned by asking questions, doing research, asking more questions and then synthesizing all their new found knowledge into some form of presentation. There were many different topics covered by the classes, but the one constant was that students were absolutely engaged in the learning process. They were excited to be learning in the classroom and were even more excited to be sharing their learning with others.

DSC_0475 2We shared many pictures through our weekly 5 Things To ROAR About: May 17th however we also put together a short video that showcases this great event. Please click here to check it out. And as we continue to reflect and grow as a staff, we want your feedback as parents, family and the community on how the inquiry fair and the weeks leading up to it worked for students but also, ways we could improve on it for next year. Please give consideration to the following questions and offer your thoughts by leaving a comment:

1. What was your overall opinion of the Inquiry Fair Open House and the learning that was shared there?

2. How would you recommend we build off the success of this school-wide project as we continue to work towards “engaging students in authentic learning empowered by technology?”

 It is important that we all work together to ensure our students are successful so your opinions and feedback are greatly appreciated. If you do not want to share your thoughts through this public blog, you can always email Mr. Davids at


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