Why School?


Over the summer, one of the professional books I enjoyed re-reading on the beach was Why School by Will Why-SchoolRichardson. I highly recommend this book to any one with a child in education as it outlines the need to look at the role of schools in a world where knowledge is truly every where and abundant. Schools play a vital role in preparing children for “the real world” but instead of mastering content, we need to help students with the mastery of learning.

As we get ready to begin another school year at West Langley, the staff here will be continuing to work towards engaging students in authentic learning empowered by technology. In April of this past year, the six Fraser Valley school districts (Mission, Maple Ridge, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Fraser-Cascade) brought together a group of students to discuss what they want to see in their schools in an ever-changing world. And the themes that came out of this amazing conversation revolved around Passion, Purpose and Personal. You can watch a video summary of these conversations by clicking here.

As a staff, we will be talking about what schools (and specifically West Langley) need to be for students in a world where knowledge is truly every where. And as always, our parent community need to be a big part of that conversation. So after watching the videos, consider the following questions and feel free to share your thoughts:

1. What would your child say they want from their school?

2. What are the best ways to engage children in authentic learning?

3. What does the ideal learning environment look like to you?


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