We Are All Learners

IMG_5926I am so proud of the amazing staff we have at West Langley. I have said that many times in conversations with colleagues and parents. And while the list is long as to why I am so proud of the educators at our school, one of the biggest reasons is that they truly embrace their role as LEARNERS. This past week, we had an excellent Professional Development Day at West Langley. While students enjoyed a long weekend, all the teachers and support staff were engaged in a variety of activities related to our school goals. The teachers and support staff at West Langley understand that not only do they need to model learning for the students, but that they also need to consistently be reflecting and enhancing their own practice in order to truly provide our students with what they need to be successful.

One great example of this commitment to learning can be seen in the number of staff who actively use social media IMG_5927tools such as Twitter and Pinterest as a tool for learning. Many of our teachers dip into this sea of professional development on a regular basis to see what the latest research and the world’s best educators are saying about how best to support children in their learning. Some of our staff are even sharing their own learning with the global community through these networked websites. It is encouraging to see many of our staff members embracing the importance of a professional learning network in the world of education.

Another great thing some of our West Langley teachers have began doing to contributing to professional reflective blogs. This connected forum allows them to not only share their thought processes as they continue their journey to become better educators, but also allows them to interact with other teachers, administrators and education think tanks about what is happening right at West Langley. The ability to tap into the vast expertise out there is truly priceless.

IMG_5930At West Langley, we have a mission statement of “engaging students in authentic learning empowered by technology.” It gives us great confidence that we will meet that vision with our students when the adults in the building are modelling the same thing.

I would encourage you to go to our school website and check out the different West Langley class websites, Twitter accounts and professional blogs our staff are engaged in. And by way of a comment below, we would be interested in knowing what other learning tools you feel educators could benefit from.


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