Moving Into The Future: SD 35 Visioning Process

sd35_formal_logo_squareOver the next few months, the Langley School District will be undergoing a comprehensive process to engage all educational partners in the creation of a new vision for our district. As many of you can imagine, we are at a very unique time in the history of education. At no other point has knowledge been so abundant and accessible and the need to re-define the role of schools so clear. Our goal at West Langley of “engaging students in authentic learning empowered by technology,” is certainly working towards this.

Having the district engage in this collaborative process will serve many purposes, but there are certainly a few key aspects of this re-visioning that I think will really stand out for West Langley.  First of all, I think it will help recognize and celebrate some of the amazing work that has been going on. At West Langley, we have been moving forward in giving our students the new skills and attributes that will allow them to be successful in a world that is not fully known yet. Our work on problem solving, critical thinking, connected learning, global awareness etc, all empowered by technology should be shared with other communities. And so to should there fine work be made know to us. This district-wide process will help spotlight what other educators are doing to successfully support students.

The re-visioning process will also provide a lens for the district as a whole, and West Langley mission-and-vision-your-past-does-not-need-to-be-your-futurespecifically, through which decisions can be made. In examining current practice as well as deciding what changes need to be made, having a clear, purposeful mission to filter our conversations and decisions through is vital. It may be cliche, but beginning with the end in mind helps to make everything we do for our students meaningful and long-lasting. Including all the stakeholders in the process is what makes that lens as authentic as possible.

The final aspect of our district discussing how we move into the future is a new found focus on learning. As I talked about in a previous blog, “Why School?” when we asked students about what they want from their schools, the three words that emerged were “passion, purpose and personal.” As we dialogue with our community, parents, staff and students, we can begin to dissect how to best provide these important concepts in our school settings. And for West Langley, we can continue to work towards engaging students in authentic learning that is empowered by technology.

getinvolved3I would encourage our parent community to be a part of this process both at the school level and with the district consultations. The first meeting is on October 28th from 5:00 – 9:00pm at the Langley Events Centre. We will have a team of staff, admin and parents who will attend. But all of you can also contribute on the District website, Langley Schools Facebook Page, Twitter (#sd35vision) or by leaving a comment below.

We would love to hear from the West Langley community about what vision they have for the students of our school and all of Langley.


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