Articles, Videos, Etc

Below is a list of articles, videos and other resources that have been part of our on-going conversation about 21st century learning:


1. Will Richardson Ted Talks: A 14 minute video on how we need to look at doing schools different and not better.

2. Shift Happens: A 5 minute video on how quickly the world is changing for our children.

3. Changing Education Paradigms:  An 20 animated representation of a lecture given by Sir Ken Robinson on where education has come from and where it needs to be going in the future.


1. Why Schools: This is a very short but powerful book by author Will Richardson on the need for schools to redefine their role with regards to learning now that we live in a world where information is abundant and readily accessible.


1. Variety of Articles about balanced calendar:a. Alberta Study

b. BCTF Research Report

c. Kanaka Creek Report

d. National Association of Year Round Education

e. Schedule Brings Benefits

f. Vancouver Report


2. Premier’s Technology Council’s Report: This special report outlines a vision for education in the 21st century. The report considers what skills and attributes will enable students to succeed in a knowledge-based society and how our education system could be transformed to address the rapidly changing globe.

3. Bloom’s Taxonomy and the 21st Century Learner: A short read questioning the idea that children need to learn lower level factual and procedural knowledge before they can conduct higher order thinking


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